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Back to the Basics - Part 2

The PRCA Playoff Series - Understanding the ins and outs of the PRCA Playoff Series, how athletes manage the point system and standings, and what the Playoff Series has the opportunity to do for PRCA competitors.


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How do the PRCA Playoff Series standings work?

The PRCA Playoff Series standings are based on a unique point system, rather than money earned like the overall world standings in each event. At each of the qualifying Playoff Series Rodeos, points will be distributed to contestants for the Top 20 placings. However, these points will only count towards a contestant standings in the Playoff Series for qualifying rodeos that are designated as "official" entries. It is also important to note that at the 2024 Playoff Series Rodeos the turnout fines for contestants will double, and contestants who turn out will also receive a maximum of a 10-point deduction from their respective Playoff Series standings.

What makes a rodeo part of the PRCA Playoff Series?

On the site linked below you will find the full list of cities home to the PRCA Rodeos in the Playoff Series. There are 60 rodeos total, these events are classified as the 60 highest paying rodeos of the season based on their purse from the previous season. The points awarded to the athletes are sectioned into three levels, with the amount of points awarded to contestants based on the size of the total payout of the rodeo.

How do the CINCH Playoffs work?

There are two CINCH Playoff rodeos, the qualifier in Puyallup, WA and the Playoff Series championship rodeo in Sioux Falls, SD, also known as the Washington State Fair Pro Rodeo and CINCH Playoff Series Championship - Governor's Cup.

Qualifications to compete at the Puyallup, WA rodeo will be cutoff August 26th, 2024. Any Playoff Series rodeos taking place after the cutoff will be an opportunity for athletes who have qualified for the championship in Sioux Falls, SD to continue earning points to put toward their Playoff Series standings going into the CINCH Playoff Series Championship.

There are 24 athletes in each event that will compete in the Puyallup, WA qualifier rodeo, one of which will be the NFR Open , seeded into the 13th position. The remaining 23 positions will be filled according to the PRCA Playoff Series standings.

There are 12 athletes in each event that will compete in the CINCH Playoff Series Championship Rodeo in Sioux Falls. The Top 4 ranked athletes in each event at the Puyallup, WA rodeo will automatically qualify to compete in Sioux Falls, SD regardless of their overall Playoff Series standings. The Top 8 athletes in each event in the Playoff Series overall standings will also qualify to compete in Sioux Falls, SD. **If there is any overlap between these two where an athlete is apart of the Top 8 placings and also competed in the 4-man championship round at the Puyallup, WA qualifier rodeo, the remaining spots for the CINCH Playoff Series Championship Rodeo will be filled by the next overall highest ranking athlete in the PRCA Playoff Series standings.

Why do the CINCH Playoffs Rodeos matter to PRCA contestants?

As the season comes to a close on September 30, 2024, rodeo athletes will be fighting to earn every last penny the season has to offer in hopes to qualify for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas. In Sioux Falls, SD the total payout last year was an impressive $977,776 with the championship round alone in each event paying out $25,000 per contestant. Whether these competitors are looking to head into the WNFR at their highest possible ranking, or looking to squeeze into the Top 15 at the last second, the CINCH Playoff Series Championship Rodeo is absolutely a make or break moment for many of ProRodeo's strongest competitors.

To look further into the details of point distribution and locations of the PRCA Playoff Series Rodeos visit the link below!


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